Well folks, it happened.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will surpass the 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidenctial election, multiple media outlets projected on Saturday morning.

After a painfully tight race and many days of telling ourselves to be patient while simultaneously and aggressively refreshing Twitter, Biden ― who broke the record for most votes received in election history — took the lead in Pennsylvania, winning its 20 electoral votes and determining that — at least for now, despite demands from the Trump campaign for recounts and a promise to dispute the decision — America will have a new president come January.

For those wanting to commemorate the occasion, there is no shortage of merch available. This moment certainly calls for one more T-shirt to add to the collection. Plus, most campaign merch is cozy ― a perfect addition to our quarantine wardrobes.

We’ve found some of the best options from around the web for you to (safely, at home or outdoors with masks on) celebrate, below.