Six years after being snapped skateboarding in a New York City playground, this picture of actor Mark Ruffalo is going viral all over again:

PsBattle: Mark Ruffalo on a skateboard from photoshopbattles

On Sunday, a Reddit user resurfaced the 2014 image of the “Avengers” star and posted it on the platform’s “Photoshop Battle” thread.

Dozens of people have now reimagined the shot, with many referencing Ruffalo’s role as Bruce Banner/Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Rated M for Mark Ruffalo’s going to be mad if this doesn’t sell.

Marky McRuffalo

Mark “Graphic Tee” Ruffalo


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Hes on the run

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Dark Waters

Cool guys skate away from explosions

Mark Ruffahighground

Daredevil Jumps Springfield Gorge

Stüssy X Mark Ruffalo Tee

Now this is a NYC skateboard!