Donald Trump’s latest “con” was placed under the microscope by Anderson Cooper on Tuesday, with the CNN host breaking down the president’s bid to raise money from supporters off the back of his election defeat.

Cooper noted how instead of tackling the coronavirus pandemic that is currently ravaging the country, Trump just refuses to accept defeat to President-elect Joe Biden and is “focused on what is, I’m sad to say, a con game over the election he lost.”

That’s despite even Attorney General William Barr, a key Trump ally, acknowledging Tuesday that the Justice Department has not uncovered evidence of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 vote, despite Trump’s legal team filing dozens of lawsuits in a bid to overturn the result.

“The president is peddling an idea that is not true to people who want it to be true. In exchange, he’s taking their money, about $170 million so far,” said Cooper.

Donors are being led to believe their money “is going toward legal expenses related to the election,” he explained. “It’s largely not. That is the definition of what a confidence game is. That’s what a con man does and that is what the president seems to be doing.”

Cooper noted how Trump’s campaign team has bombarded supporters with emails asking for donations but, due to the nature of the so-called “leadership PAC to which their cash is going, there are largely no limits on what it can be spent on.

“The people giving him money don’t even get those old Trump steaks or a worthless diploma from Trump University,” said Cooper. “This is another con.” 

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